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2014 Summer Newsletter - MI ICES

Please see our summer newsletter, it contains our new officer's contact information & our upcoming DOS dates. Enjoy!! http://goo.gl/a6Mwqr

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Michigan ICES Officers 2014 - 2016

Thank you to our Michigan ICES Officers that have worked so hard to make this a wonderful group!  We held elections at out last meeting and are excited for our new electees.

Congratulations to our new officers of our chapter.

State Representative: Wanessa Wight

Alternate Representatives: Deb Moroni, Pat Ware, Linda Fedewa, Sandy Crosley and Wendy Braford,

Secretary: Clela Jarman

Treasurer: Joan Link

Newsletter: Editor Diane Simmons

Internet Coordinator:  Kristina Boroff

Historian: Amanda Whidden

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2014 Spring Newsletter

Please enjoy our Spring 2014 Newsletter: http://goo.gl/8tEBZi

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